Want to Learn Yiddish?

  • Do you want to learn Yiddish so you can schmooze with family and community  members?

  • Do you want to explore your Jewish roots and history?

  • Interested in learning Yiddish to understand Yiddish culture, Yiddish theater, or Yiddish radio?

  • Do you want to be able to exchange wise-cracks with the guys at the Deli?


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Of course you do! But, You don’t want to learn Yiddish from books alone, because:

clip_image001You want to get the pronunciation right

clip_image001You don’t want a dry, boring learning experience and you don't want to quit

But you also don’t want to:

clip_image001pay expensive college tuition fees

clip_image001 hire a teacher or tutor, and have to conform to their time-table

clip_image001leave your cozy shtib (home) to travel to a distant class

You’d rather the Yiddish course be self-directed, so you don’t have to bend your schedule around set class times.

And You’d like to have fun! Yiddish is well known for its humor!

Now you can have everything you want in an online Yiddish learning experience!

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clip_image001We’re sorry, You won’t learn how to make a reservation for a hotel in Yiddish (like you will from many misguided books and programs), but we will teach you words you actually use in a conversation.

clip_image001Each word is transliterated and written in Yiddish characters, as well as translated. When you click on a word, you hear one of your friendly Yiddishe teachers, Moyshe or Shmelke, pronounce the word for you.

clip_image001Each Unit has conversations with all of the vocabulary and grammar that is taught in it. You can start speaking right away.

clip_image001You get our silly pictures to look at.

clip_image001 Not to mention the You Tube videos! And on the site they appear with the full transcript, in Yiddish, transliterated Yiddish, and with translation.

clip_image001Each lesson takes 20-45 minutes to master… Each course totals over 21 hours of fun and interactive Yiddish learning!

Try your free lessons now! You’ll be speaking Yiddish right away. We want you to see how much fun learning Yiddish can be!

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