If you're on this page, you're probably looking for an online Yiddish course or online Yiddish lessons for any number of reasons.

One reason for an online Yiddish course is the convenience. Online Yiddish lessons are right in front of you. You don't have to go anywhere, and it's all there when you want it.

It could be because you are looking for an online Yiddish course because you are looking for something free, or at least cheap. You've already looked into traveling to Vilna (I know people who have! It's a real experience.) or Israel, and that just seemed like too much cash. Private tutors... a lot cheaper, but still expensive. Heck, even the Workman's circles group classes still cost you plus gas!

Online Yiddish courses are a convenient and inexpensive option. The problem... well they still don't necessarily give you both convenience and still be inexpensive. Worse, some of them don't actually really help you learn Yiddish. They just focus on some very basic vocabulary, and teach you how to order in a restaurant... not something you usually have to do in Yiddish anyway

When I say online Yiddish course, I'm including inexpensive Yiddish software- it's convenient too. There aren't that many Yiddish courses in existence. But same problems apply as above.

Moyshe and I designed a course that is about laying a foundation to actually be able to speak Yiddish. It's right here on this website. So you can start learning Yiddish right away. It's definitely inexpensive, and it's extremely convenient. And it's good! It really gives you a groundwork if you put in a little work. It's easier than a book, because we break it into steps. And of course, it has the audio.  It can really help you teach yourself Yiddish.  Hope you'll check it out.  Click here for that.

Another online Yiddish course we've found  is the E-teacher Yiddish course. .. It's topnotch with professional teachers, the latest technology, the works. They are the same ones who have been giving a Modern Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew courses for years along side Hebrew University. They've finally just come out with an extensive Yiddish course!

It takes a number of months to go through. I think you can even get college credit for it- it's taught by college professors. It's probably a little less convenient than other options, but it's still on your computer, and they work with you to fit your schedule with the teachers.

That's an option if you're really serious about taking your Yiddish to the next level. Maybe you took our online Yiddish course first and you want to go further. :) Or maybe you prefer to have more feedback in a structured web environment. Click here for E-Yiddish's website. It's worth contacting them to see what they have to offer you.

Hope you find an online Yiddish course that fits what you're looking for!