These words aren’t exactly Yiddish slang… they are commonly used Yiddish words you just have to know to sound like a real Yiddishe Yid (Jewish Jew) or at least like you're from NYC. Sorry, we're still working on editing some of the definitions, so they are temporarily missing. The audio is all courtesy of Shmelke.

AlteKaker אַלטע קאַקער:An "old fart." It's not a nice word. Don't say it in front of your bubby.

Balebuste באַלאַבוסטאַ: An excellent homemaker and wife. The landlord or boss's wife.

Batamt באַטאַמט: Delicious. But in slang it can refer to anything you really enjoy.

Bashert באַשערט: Predetermined. Can be used as a noun to refer to a soul mate.

Bisl ביסל: Little bit. A bisele is a tiny bit.

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BobaMayse באָבאַ מײַסע: An old wife's tale. 

Bobi (Bubby) באָבי: A grandmother.

Bopkis באָפּקיס: Literally, "beans." Nada, zilch.

Dreykop דרײקאָפּ: A confused guy. His head is "turned around."

Ekvelt עקװעלט: The end of the earth. Like huppitzville. In the middle of nowhere.

Emes עמעס: Truth. 

Epes עפּעס: Something. Can be used as emphasis. Epes a meshuga! Really a crazy guy!

Es עס: Eat. Es mayn kind! Eat my child!

Farbisene פֿאַרביסענע: Bitter... often referring to people. A sourpuss.

Farblondzhit פֿאַרבלאָנדזשיט: Confused.

Farkakt פֿאַרקאַקט: Screwed up. Don't say this one in front of your bubby either.

Fargenign פֿאַרגעניגן: Delight.

Farklemt פֿאַרקלעמט: All choked up. Literally or emotionally. [Mike Meyers made this one famous with his "Coffee Talk" sketch (schtick) on SNL. I still don't know what a "genektagazoynk" is. His character used to say "I've got shpilkes (needles) in my genektagazoyk." -Shmelke :) ]

Farkrumte פֿאַרקרומטע: Crooked or twisted. [A "farkrumte svara" in the yeshiva (Talmudic academy) is an incorrect logical assumption. -Shmelke]

Farmisht פֿאַרמישט: Mixed up. I don't know what I'm doing, I'm all farmisht.

Farshikert פֿאַרשיקערט: Extremely drunk.

Farshtunkn פֿאַרשטונקן: Rotten. Literally or figuratively.

Feygela פֿײגעלאַ: A little bird. In America it is used to refer to a gay man. [I can't believe Moyshe put this one in. It can also just mean, a cute little girl, or the diminutive of the Yiddish name Fayge. My daughter's same is Fayge. -Shmelke]

Fe! פֿע:An expression of disgust. Woodie Allen... Feh! Mayonnaise on white bread? Feh!

Freylokh פֿרײלאַך: Happy. The Hanukkah song refers to the holiday as "a likhteke, a fraylekhe" -- "light/joyful and happy" (It just occurred to me that "frolic" probably comes from the same root.)

Fres פֿרעס: To wolf food down. What a fresser! Is like, what a pig.

Frask פֿראַסק: A slap.

Fuftsike פֿופֿציקע: A $50 bill.

GroyseMakher מאַכערגרױסע: A man of influence... or maybe he just thinks he is.

Gey shlog dayn kop in vant! גײ שלאָג דײַן קאָפּ אין װאַנט : Go bang your head against the wall!

Gelt געלט: Gold. Money. Khanuka gelt is given on the holiday.

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Geshmak געשמאַק: Tasty, delicious.

Geshray געשרײַ: A scream.

Glik גליק: Luck.

Glitsh גליטש: A slip up, or a bug. [This is in the American Heritage dictionary (glitch), as are a few of these words. -Shmelke]

Ganif גאַניף: A crooked person, or a thief.

Goyim גױים: (goy-im) Non-Jews. The singular is a goy. See also, shiksa

Greps גרעפּס: Belch. 

Groyse גרױסע: Big, large.

Guteneshoma גוטע נשמה: A good soul. 

Halevay האַלעװײ: It should come to be!

Heymish הײמיש: Homey. One of the guys.

Handl האַנדל: Bargain.

Kakameyne קאַקאַמײנע: Nutso. A bit rude.

Kepi קעפּי: A little head, as in a kid's head. 

KhayimYankel כײַם יאַנקעל: A hick, or just a Joe Shmoe.

Khalish כאַליש: Faint.

Khazer כאַזער: A pig. A jerk. A dirt bag.

Khazeray כאַזערײַ: Pig slop. Not worthwhile, whether it's food objects, or real estate.

Khutspoכוצפּאָ  : Come on? You don't know what this means?

Kibits קיביץ: Back seat driving... or just joking around.

Kinder קינדער: Kids.

Kleyne קלײנע:Small.

Klots קלאָץ: A clumsy idiot.

Knaker קנאַקער: The same as a groyse makher.

Koyakh קױאַך:Energy. I don't have the koyakh to move the furniture again for you today.

Kvel קװעל: To glow with pride.

Kvetsh קװעטש: To whine. A kvetsher is a whiner.

Makhatanim מאַכאַטאַנים: In-laws. 'Nuff said.

Makher מאַכער: See "groyse makher."

Mameloshn מאַמע לשון: Mother tongue, native language. Yiddish!

Meyven מבין: In Hebrew it means: "One who understands." It's an expert, on any topic. Or he thinks he is.

Mekhaye מיכײַאע: A pleasure. From the Hebrew "to give life."

Megila מגילה: The scroll the purim story is written on, or the story itself. It's long... so the "gantze megilla" or the "whole megilla" means the whole kit and kaboodle. I saw a commercial once that said "It's the whole megilla." Can't remember which product.

Mentsh מענטש: Literally, "human being." Used as a high compliment, like a real gentleman.

Metsia מעציאַ: Literally a "find." A bargain. Like all Yiddish words, you can use it sarcastically.

Mishegas מישיגאַס: Crazy behavior.

Mishpakhe משפּכה: Family.

Mishuga מישוגאַ: Crazy.

Mitendrinen מיטנדרינען: Right in the middle. Often in an out of context way.

Mutshe מוטשע: to get on someones nerves

Nakhas נאַכאַס: Enjoyment from pride of your children. See kvell.

Narishkayt נאַרישקײַט: Silliness. A nar is lit. a young man in Hebrew, but in Yiddish it means a fool.

Nebish נעביש: Nobody special.

No-goodnik נאָגודניק: A bad guy.

Nudnik נודניק: Literally a boring person, used to mean an annoying person.

Nash נאַש: Food you eat even when you're not hungry.

Nu נו: So. So? So?! Nu. Nu? Nu?!

Nudzh נודזש: A pest. Can be a verb too.

Ongepatshket אָנגעפּאַטשקעט: Overly the top, in dress, adornment, whatever.

Oysgeputst אױסגעפּוצט: Overdressed for the occasion, over-embellished, overdone, overdecorated.

Oysvarf אױסװאַרף: A "dork."

Plats פּלאַץ

Patsh פּאַטש: A slap. Usually to a kid, and not that hard.

Potshki פּאָטשקי: Experiment, dabble, mess around, play around with. "I don't really paint. I just potshki." "I was just potshki-ing around in the kitchen with whatever I had in the fridge, but it turned out pretty good."

Punim פּונים: Face. A "sheyna punim" is a pretty or beautiful face. 

Pupik פּופּיק: Belly button. "It's bad enough you got your nose pieced, but now your pupik? Feh!"

Rakhmonis ראַכמאָניס

Rikhtike ריכטיקע

Seykhel שכל: Intelligence.

Sheyne שײנע: Beautiful. In usage can mean "good". A sheyne yid, a good Jew.

Shidokh שידאָך: An arranged marriage, or date.

Shiker שיקער: A drunk.

Shiksa שיקסאָ: A non-Jewish woman, but very derogatory. A more "parve" expression (bland, less loaded) would be "goya."

Shlemiel שלעמיעל:

Shlep שלעפּ: To carry or drag. You can shlep yourself too.

Shlimazel שלימזל: 

Shlak שלאַק:

Shlof שלאָף: Sleep. 

Shlomp שלאָמפּ:

Shmata שמאַטאַ

Shmir שמיר

Shmegegi שמעגעגי:

Shmutsik שמוציק

Shmues שמועס:

Shnuk שנוק:

Shnoror שנאָרער:

Shpatsir שפּאַציר:

Shpiel שפּיעל:

Shpilkes שפּילקעס: Impatience. Literally "needles." Like ants in your pants. As Mike Myer's Linda Richman character would say, when she gets all worked up, "I have shpilkes in my genecktigazoink." (not a real word)

Shrek שרעק:

Shtetl שטעטל: A small village, usually all or mainly Jewish, in Eastern Europe; such as Anatefka, the setting of "Fiddler on the Roof." Most, if not all, of these villages are long gone, the inhabitants either wiped out by pogroms, killed by the Nazis or emigrated to the U.S. or Israel.

Shvartse שװאַרצע: Black, the color, or like in English usage- illegal activity or goods. [Note, in English shvartse is a very derogatory way of referring to African-Americans- at least in NYC.- Shmelke.]

Shviger שװיגער: Mother in law. A father in law is a shver.

Shvits שװיץ: Sweat. 

Simkho סימכאָ:

Tanta טאַנטאַ: Aunt. W

Tate טאַטע: Father.

Tsimis צימיס: Sweet carrot dish.

Vildekhaya װילדע כאַיאַ:

Yenta יענטאַ: